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The name on your diploma will be the name on your official student record.

To change your name to something other than your official name on record that appears on CaneLink, you must complete and submit the Bio/Demo form along with documented proof (see form for acceptable documents) to the Office of the Registrar.

If you prefer a variation of your official name or have diacritical marks to add, please see the examples of acceptable options below, complete the Bio/Demo Form  and fax it to 305-284-6293. These types of variations do not require any legal documentation.

• Please be sure to include your student “C” number.

• No nicknames are allowed.

Examples of acceptable official name variations for diplomas:
A. Official Name:       Jane Ann Smith
3 Options:                 Jane Ann Smith
                                    Jane A. Smith
                                    Jane Smith

B. Official Name:      Jane A. Smith
2 Options:                 Jane A. Smith
                                    Jane Smith

C. Official Name:       Jane Smith
1 Option:                    Jane Smith

If you choose a variation of your official name, then the name on your diploma will not match the name on your transcript.

The name on your transcript MUST be the official name on your academic record.

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