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Process for Apostille of Diplomas for foreign countries

For information regarding obtaining Apostille Certification for your diploma, please visit: www.sunbiz.org and select “Apostille” located on the left under Popular Links.

The Office of the Registrar needs to notarize the diploma:

• We notarize original undergraduate degrees.
• For graduate degrees, due to the size we will have to notarize a copy of it. In order to do this, you must either:

1. Send us the original and we will make the copy.


2. Order a new original to be sent to us and we will make the copy.

Here is the process:

You send us your diploma or order a new one with a written request indicating that you need the Apostille with either option A or B below.

Option A: We notarize your diploma and send the notarized diploma back to you. Please be sure to include an address for the return mailing.


Option B: You send us everything to forward to Tallahassee for the Apostille after we notarize the diploma.

If you choose option B, you will need to include the following in your package:

1. A cover letter stating the name of the country in which the documents will be used and requesting the apostille,

2. A check made out to the “Department of State” covering the required fee,

3. A self-addressed, stamped envelope for them to return it to you, and

4. An addressed envelope for us to send to Tallahassee (See above website for address and fees).

For additional questions regarding this process, please email registrar@miami.edu.

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