Examinations will take place in the room in which the individual classes have been meeting, UNLESS otherwise announced.

A table of final exams is provided using both the Meeting Days/Start Time.

• Final Exams will be determined by using both the Meeting Days and Start Time of the class including non-standard (sections having TWO numbers 01-79). For example: a course section meeting on MW and having the start time of 10:20am will have the same final exam day and time as a course section meeting on W only having a start time of 10:30am.

• Group Exams may override your normally scheduled exam time; please confirm a group exam time with the faculty member.


  • Final Examinations may not be given during a regularly-scheduled class period.

  • No examination shall be permitted during the reading period.

  • Final Examinations may be rescheduled only with the permission of the dean.

  • No student shall be required to take more than two final examinations in a twenty-four hour period. A student having three or more final examinations scheduled during a twenty-four hour period may request the instructor of the course most easily rescheduled (normally the course with the smallest enrollment) to reschedule the examination for that individual. The request shall be made no later than two weeks before the last class day.

  • A student who has a conflict between a final examination and a religious observation may request that the instructor reschedule that student’s examination. The request shall be made no later than two weeks before the last class day.

  • For the resolution of any problem pertaining to the scheduling of final examinations, a student should consult with the following entities or persons in this order: the relevant instructor, the department chair, the Dean or designee. If the matter cannot be resolved at the school or college, the student should contact the Office of the Provost.



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