What are some of the services we provide in the OD area?

Leadership Development

We work individually with leaders in determining their personality and leadership styles in order to help them improve their ability to be transformational. Additionally, through the Leadership Academy, practicing and high performing aspiring leaders develop skills in the 8 competencies identified for a successful leader at UM.

Change Management

We work with departments, committees and teams to develop a change management plan to ensure successful implementation of a significant change for the organization or respective teams.

Group Problem Solving

We help groups identify key issues, and outline decisions or action plans needed to address those issues.

Meeting Design and Facilitation

We assist clients in planning and following an agenda and discussing issues effectively.

Team Development

We assist teams working more effectively together.
This includes an assessment of your team's strength and weaknesses and customized training to meet your specific needs.

Customized Training

We work with groups to assess knowledge, values and skills gaps within the group and design customized training to meet those needs. We then train members of your team on how to implement and facilitate the session for your group to build the capacity of the team to be independent and self actualized.

Strategic Planning

We assist your group in the development of a vision, mission, goals and an action plan to achieve the desired future.

Customer Service

We work with leaders and teams to determine and realign philosophies and strategies to focus on customer service as a core value for the department. This is not customer-service training, however, if actual training is required because skills are lacking, we train team members to conduct customized training to meet those needs.