The Workforce Engagement and Development Office’s Lending Library serves as a way for University of Miami employees to check out resources to help develop themselves professionally. The resources consist of books, CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes. The lending libraries are located at the Max Orovitz Building Room 146 for the Gables campus and Dominion Parking Garage Room 155 for the Medical campus.

Instructions on checking out resources

The best way is to search for a resource in ULearn.

-Log in to ulearn, click on the advanced search feature on the left side of your home page.

-In the advanced search page the user will click the drop down for the Activity Type. The activity types he/she would search for are Book, CD, DVD, and Video.

- The user can also modify the search using the Content Type drop down. Once it has been decided on which resource the user would like to check out, he/she will need to contact WED at 305-243-3090(Medical campus) or 305-284-5110(Gables campus) to see if the resource is available.

- If the resource is available, a checkout form will have to be filled out by the user. The user will have 1 week to view the audio/video/CD/DVD resource. A book may be checked out for 3 weeks. If more time is needed to view a certain resource, WED will need to be contacted to ask for an extension.

- Browsing at either location is also allowed.

Lending LibraryFAQs


Q: Where can I search for a WED resource to check out? A: You can search for a resource by using the advanced search feature in ulearn or you can browse at either WED Lending Library location. Q: If am interested in a resource, how do I acquire it? A: You will need to call WED at either 305-243-3090 or 305-284-5110 to see if the resource is available. Q: How long can I have the resource before returning it? A: You can check out a CD/DVD/Video for 1 week. Books can be checked out for 3 weeks. Q: How much does it cost to check out a resource? A: There is no charge to check out a resource.