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The Leadership Academy program uses participants in different roles in order to experience and support the learning process. These roles are:

Emerging Leader:

The emerging leader is a high performing employee whom the supervisor believes has the potential to lead others. The employee displays a commitment to the organization, his or her fellow colleagues, and can only be considered for admission if recommended by his or her supervisor.

Practicing Leader:

The practicing leader is the leader who already has a defined job role of supervising others, and enters the program at the designated level of leadership (i.e. frontline supervisor, manager, director, or leader). The practicing leader follows a different learning track which builds on previous knowledge and skills. This participant will take an assessment to identify skill gaps in the eight competencies, as well as create a learning plan to develop proficiency.


The supervisor-coach is the participant's immediate supervisor who supports his or her learning by supplying feedback on performance of new skills, delegating tasks and other responsibilities to provide learning opportunities, and assisting in evaluating the effectiveness of the e-Portfolio documentation.


A mentor is someone at a manager level or above that does not directly supervise the participant. This mentor provides career based opportunities and guidance to the Leadership Academy participant.


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