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If you’re looking for a way to strengthen your leadership skills and/or develop your leadership abilities, the Leadership Academy will provide the means to achieve your goals. The purpose of the Leadership Academy is to provide a professional development program for leaders at all levels of the organization.

The Academy is based on eight core competencies identified as qualities necessary for success in a leadership role at the University of Miami.

The Leadership Academy is divided into two distinct program types – one for Emerging Leaders, and another for Practicing Supervisors. Both program types involve learning activities designed to achieve proficiency within the eight leadership competencies defined for their level.

The Emerging Leader program participants successfully complete a defined series of coursework and supporting activities.  The Practicing Supervisor program participants complete a core set of coursework followed by an assessment of their current skill levels within each competency.  Completion of this program is through an individualized learning plan that is developed with the coaching and support of their supervisor.




Please log onto and complete the online CBL entitled “Leadership Academy Overview.”

Questions? Contact the Leadership Development Manager at: 305-243-3090 or 284-5110.

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