Certificate Recognition Tracks


The Academy has been divided into four certificate tracks in order to recognize the various accomplishments of our participants.  The levels are Bronze – exclusively for the Emerging Leader program - and Silver, Gold and Platinum respectively are reserved for the practicing leader levels (Frontline Supervisor, Manager, Leader and Organizational Leader) of the leadership continuum.  


The new recognition tracks will identify success at four critical milestones within the learning process.  To determine your milestone, each segment of the learning process has been given a point value – some points are required, others are optional.  Earning a platinum certification carries the highest points, and is awarded for those optional activities which demonstrate the participant’s commitment to the development of our employees and the success of the University.  Learning activities include: required and optional learning content based on need, interaction with your supervisor, learning assessment, and other aspects designed to maximize your leadership skills. 



Bronze Certificate: The bronze certificate of the Leadership Academy’s Recognition Program requires the Emerging Leader to complete all three series of the required learning activities.  In addition, the participant must have remained in good standing through-out the program and proved mastery in the leadership competencies addressed.




Silver Certificate:  The silver certificate is awarded to those who have completed the Leadership Academy Overview course and the entire set of core learning activities that are assigned to his or her level of leadership.




Gold Certificate:   The gold certificate is awarded to those who have completed the silver certificate, all the required activities outlined in the program specific completion requirements, as well as enough optional activities for a minimum total of 1200 points.




Platinum Certificate: The platinum certificate is awarded to those who have completed all of the requirements for the silver and gold certificates, plus additional optional activities that reflect his or her ability to lead.  The minimum points for this certificate are 1550. 



The Leadership Academy believes that, as a leader, you possess the qualities, talent, and abilities needed to go platinum.  The process is not easy, but with a little commitment and support from your employees and supervisors, we know you will make it!


Click Here to view more details on the certificate track requirements.


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