The University of Miami Competency based programs provide measurable results for success. Competency-Based programs help develop critical skills needed to meet the current and future challenges of the University. Two such programs are available to our high performing employees and leaders – the Administrative Support Program (ASP) for all employees in the clerical family, and the Leadership Academy (LA) for aspiring and practicing leaders. These programs are offered as part of your employment benefits.

We are currently not accepting any new applications for the Administrative Support Program or Leadership Academy (LA). Should you have any questions, please contact WED at 305-243-3090.

If you are looking for ways to strengthen and/or develop your leadership skills, the Leadership Academy will help you achieve your goals. Leadership Academy provides professional development programs for existing and future leaders of the organization.
The Administrative Support Program (ASP) provides frontline employees with the necessary tools for success.The program focuses on critical skills including interpersonal skills,communication, technology, and more.