The Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund aids people active in movements for social and economic justice. These scholarships are awarded to graduate and undergraduate students who are active in the struggle against racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of oppression, building the movement for economic justice or creating peace through international anti-imperialist solidarity.

Eligibility Requirements

  • U.S. citizens as well as international students are encouraged to apply.

  • Undergraduate or graduate student enrolled at a college or university at the time of application.

  • Must have participated in activities related to social justice in the United States. There is a strong preference for applicants who plan on working for positive social and economic change in the U.S.

  • Open to all majors and academic disciplines.

General Information

The Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund was founded in 1961 as the Marian Davis Scholarship Fund, a memorial to a teacher and political activist who died of breast cancer in 1960.  Marian and her husband, Horace, were advocates for racial justice and the rights of labor.  One of the people attracted to the fund was Norton S. Putter, who gave generously of his time and resources.  Norton was born in Poland, which his family left to escape poverty and the attacks of anti-Semites.  Norton spent his life in the United States working for justice, particularly in the Civil Rights movement.

These need-based scholarships are awarded to those able to do academic work at the university level and who are part of the progressive movement on the campus and in the community.  Early recipients worked for civil rights, against McCarthyism, and for peace in Vietnam.  Since 1961, the fund has awarded well over 1,000 scholarships to students who represent the spirit and commitment Marian, Horace and Norton brought to the movement for peace and justice.

Application Timeline and Instructions

**Applicants apply directly to Davis-Putter. All application instructions can be found online at the Davis-Putter website. The PAF office will only provide feedback to applicants who request it and who submit their materials for review a minimum of three weeks in advance of the application deadline. NO EXCEPTIONS.**

January 2017  
Application available online
April 1, 2017 
Completed application and required documentation must be submitted to the Davis-Putter Foundation.
Late July 2017 
Applicants informed of decision.