2013 ACC-IAC Creativity and Innovation Fellows

The ACCIAC Fellows Program in Creativity and Innovation supports undergraduates involved in student-driven projects at each of the ACC member campuses. This program directly connects undergraduate students to core ACC university missions of creativity and innovation and represents the conference’s excellence in, and commitment to, quality undergraduate education.

Shaida Escoffery – The Black Eden: Community of Idlewild
Shaida Escoffery will research the historic community of Idlewild, Michigan for a novel she is writing in conjunction with the UM Creative Writing Department. She plans to spend time in Idlewild, learning about the community firsthand. Upon completion of the research and writing of the novel, she will hold a seminar for Undergraduate Creative Writing students called: “Researching a Novel: Yes You Can!” She hopes that this project will entertain readers, as well as inform them of the historical and societal importance of this unique community.

Patrick Davies and Jefferson Iles – Wireless EEG Biofeedback Device
Current EEG devices are bulky, require an expert to interpret the results, and normally used in clinical settings for purposes such as diagnosing epilepsy. Patrick and Jefferson plan to design and build an inexpensive, portable, easy to-use wireless electroencephalograph (EEG) device using emerging biofeedback technologies that would allow people to monitor interpret and regulate their mental state from the comfort of their own home.

Xin Jin – Project PanSeoul
Korean Professor No Doneg-eun from Chung-ang University has said that the task of this generation is to evolve traditional music into modern music. With this in mind, Xin will integrate elements of the Pansori (판소리) genre of traditional Korean music with Western-style pop music to produce a mini-album, music video, and a written reflection on the experiment. Xin hopes inspire his audiences with the new concept and bring them on a cultural journey.

Lily Udumukwu – iXL Initiative: Increasing Nigeria’s education index through web- based learning
Fueled with an urge to incite social change, Lily conceived iXL.org; a comprehensive educational website with a mission to tackle economic disparities in Africa’s developing countries through online education. With primary focus on Nigeria, iXL.org serves to upsurge human capital by regaining displaced youths in the informal labor sector and positioning them in University classrooms. Lily aims to establish iXL.org as the primary venue for college readiness, with an emphasis on navigating the formalities associated with the mandatory O’level examination requisites for University admission and providing tools to connect students to college success and opportunity.

2013 UM Service Fellows

Also supported by a grant from the ACC-IAC Creativity and Innovation Program, Junior Morgan Chicchelly will receive a summer fellowship to participate in full-time, public service internship. The UM Service Fellowship is the legacy of two UM students (recipients of the ACC-IAC Creativity and Innovation grant in its inaugural year) who sought to create opportunities for their peers to participate in service-oriented, summer internships that would otherwise be unpaid.

Morgan Chicchelly ('14) – The World Food Prize Public Relations Intern – Des Moines, Iowa
Morgan Chicchelly will work on a new, national public relations campaign for the World Food Prize (WFP), an organization dedicated to global challenges of hunger, poverty and development. A Public Relations and International Studies major, Morgan has been contributing to projects related to food sustainability and water distribution since high school. She will also help plan the WFP Youth Institute, a 3-day conference in Des Moines, Iowa designed to educate high school students and their teachers on global food security issues.