You have three options for submitting your letters of evaluation to medical schools through the Office of Pre-Health Advising and Mentoring:

Committee Letter Packet – Committee letters are written by the Director of Pre-Health Advising and Mentoring after interviewing qualified applicants. The committee letter packet consists of a two-page letter discussing the applicant’s academic performance, research, shadowing, leadership, and community service experience, as well as a qualitative ranking. 

Cover Letter Packet - The cover letter packet consists of a one page summary sheet about the applicant and a total of six letters of evaluation. No interview is necessary for the cover letter packet.

Re-applicants – If you have a cover letter packet or committee letter on file that you want us to re-submit, please complete the re-applicant request form. However, if you are requesting a cover letter packet for the first time, follow the cover letter packet procedures. If you are requesting a committee letter for the first time, or want a new committee letter written, follow the committee letter procedures.

Individual Letters – The applicant can elect to have each evaluator submit his/her letter directly to AMCAS and/or AACOMAS. If the applicant chooses this option, then he/she does not use the Office of Pre-Health Advising and Mentoring. The letters must be sent directly from the evaluator to AMCAS and/or AACOMAS.