You can begin creating your American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOMAS) account in early May and you will be able to submit soon after. Dates change each year, so check their website for details.

AACOMAS instructions are embedded within AACOMAS.

Official transcripts from each institution where you have taken courses must be submitted to AACOMAS. After you create an account in AACOMAS, print one transcript matching form for each institution where you have taken a course. Send this form to the registrar office at the specific institution/s. The institution will send the transcripts directly to AACOMAS. Click here for the University of Miami Office of the Registrar web site.

In the [Evaluations] section of the AACOMAS application you will create an Evaluation Request by entering Michael Gaines in the name boxes and .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) in the email address box.  You may include comments in the optional personal message/notes box.  Complete the rest of the required prompts and submit.  The Pre-Health Office will then receive an email with information to upload your committee or cover letter packet to the Centralized Application Service (CAS) Evaluator Portal.

After you submit your AACOMAS application online, you must forward a copy of to our office.  You may save the application form as a pdf and attach it to an email, deliver it in person, or send it via fax.

Once we have all the forms in your file (completed AACOMAS cover or committee letter request form and associated documents, and all of your letters of evaluation) and we have received the emailed evaluation request from AACOMAS, you will be placed in queue.  Your cover letter or committee letter packet will be submitted to AACOMAS via the Centralized Application Service (CAS) Evaluator Portal.  From there it automatically will be disseminated to the individual schools you applied to.  Applicants cannot send different letters to different schools within the AACOMAS/CAS Evaluator Portal. You will be notified when you have been placed in the queue for submission and then again when your cover or committee letter packet has been submitted.

Note: In addition to the six letters that can be submitted with your cover letter packet or committee letter, you are allowed to submit up to four individual letters to AACOMAS. Individual letters will not be submitted by the Office of Pre-Health Advising and Mentoring. You must ask each individual evaluator to submit his/her letter directly to AACOMAS.