If you have a committee letter packet on file, we highly suggest that you schedule a 15 minute update interview with Prof. Gaines during the committee letter interview period February-May (professional business attire is not required for an update interview).  The update interview may be in person in the Pre-Heath Office or via Skype for individuals no longer in the Miami area.  Committee letter re-applicants must call the Pre-Health Office to schedule the update interview (adhere to the interview dates), and then make sure to complete and submit to the Pre-Health Office the re-applicant request form, an updated curriculum vitae, and an updated professional development activities form at least 48 business hours before the scheduled update interview. 

If you are requesting a committee letter packet for the first time, follow the committee letter packet procedures.

If you have a cover letter packet on file that you want the Pre-Health Office to re-submit, you must complete the re-applicant request form.

If you are requesting a cover letter packet for the first time, follow the cover letter packet procedures