The Office of Planning and Institutional Research (PIR) at the University of Miami supports the University’s planning and decision-making efforts so that the University can fulfill its larger mission.  The office responds to requests from constituencies of the University in order to support decision-making, assessment, policy analysis, effective management, projections, and planning.  It also responds to requests for information from outside agencies and other institutions and generates annual reports showing trends and comparisons with other universities.

The goals of the office are to ensure that reports and analyses are accurate, timely, and useful.  To this end, PIR works with data custodians to ensure that benchmark files dealing with student, course, and personnel data are as accurate and consistent as possible.

The Testing Center, which also reports to PIR, seeks to provide comprehensive assessment services for the University of Miami and Southeast Florida.  Areas of responsibility include test administration, machine scanning and scoring of tests and surveys, administration of faculty evaluations and publication of summary statistics, survey design and tabulation, and measurement consultation.