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Some P100 membership benefits are:

  • Working with prospective students
  • Public speaking experience
  • Public relations experience
  • Opportunity to better interact with faculty, administrators and the university community
  • Bookstore Discount

    Because the P100 is a volunteer organization, we like to show our appreciation for the semester hours of service each 'P' puts in.

    Throughout the semester, P100s accrue points for the amount of time they have dedicated to the program. Gifts are awarded at the end of each year, and MV"P's" are recognized.

    To stay in good standing as a P100, all members must earn 150 points each semester.

    Activity Points Recieved
    Regularly scheduled tours* 15
    Special tours 25-100 (arranged)
    College Counselor Conferences
    Open House Programs* 30-100 (arranged)
    * Mandatory Participation
    ** Mandatory participation in at least one CCC reception or tour.

    At the end of each semester, points are totaled, and letters are sent to members not meeting the 150-point requirement. These members will be put on probationary status for the period of one semester, at the end of which their membership will be re-evaluated. Any appeals to this procedure may be brought to the P100 Advisory Board.

    Additional Policies:

  • Any P100 who misses three regularly scheduled tours (unexcused) will be placed on probationary status.
  • Additional points are possible for extra activities that may arise. These points will be assigned to participating individuals depending upon the activity and amount of time devoted.
  • Members will be provided with a P100 shirt and nametag, which must be worn with khaki pants, khaki skirts or khaki shorts during tours and programs. Excluded from this are P100 meetings and College Counselor Conference receptions.