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There is a separate award for summer FWS. Students who participated (worked) in the Federal Work-Study program during the prior academic year will automatically be considered for the summer program. Eligibility will be determined based on the prior year FAFSA information on file. If determined eligible, students will receive a summer award letter by the first week of May, indicating the award amount. If awarded, students may use the summer FWS funding for on-campus jobs or approved community service agencies in the Miami area.
Federal Work Study during the summer term is an extension of the prior academic year. Eligible students are reviewed automatically based on one of the following two criteria:
Student participated in the FWS program during the academic year OR Student is enrolled for summer classes at the University of Miami
Students must have a prior academic year FAFSA on file demonstrating eligibility in order to get a FWS summer award. Students who graduate in the spring semester will not be considered for summer FWS unless accepted into another UM program. Law and Medical students will be reviewed for eligibility by their respective Financial Aid offices.
While enrollment in summer classes is not required for students to participate in summer FWS, during summers when funding is especially limited, priority is given to those student who are enrolled.
Summer FWS Earnings
If the student is not enrolled in classes at the University of Miami during the summer session, federal regulations require that part of the summer work study earnings be considered as an additional resource for the upcoming academic year. This additional resource will be added to the student contribution and may decrease the student's eligibility for financial aid for the following academic year.
FWS Summer earnings $800 minus 40% or $600 whichever is less for living expenses 320 minus taxes (appx. 5%) 50. Contribution toward the following academic year $430 Summer FWS earnings are reviewed upon completion of the summer work period to determine if an additional contribution toward the upcoming academic year is required. If it is required, the academic year financial aid award will be adjusted to reflect this additional contribution.
If the student is enrolled at least half-time during the summer, earnings are considered a part of the summer school financial aid award and are not applied to the next academic year.