When applying for a job, be aware of clues that could give away whether a job is a fraud.

• When the employer asks for an upfront fee before beginning the job. It is advised that you take caution when an employer wants you to make a “necessary” purchase before you are paid.
• When the employer asks for your social security number or bank account information via phone or e-mail.
• If the company’s website asks that you install certain software to continue applying.
• Companies that claim you will get rich quick, or that the benefits are exceptional.
• If the job requires you to wire money or cash a check sent by the company through the mail.
• If the employer wants you to work from his/her house unless it is a babysitting or tutoring job.

If you find a suspicious job posting that you think may be fraudulent, immediately contact the Office of Student Employment at 305-284-6641.