International Students (F-1 or J-I Visa) follow these guidelines to complete Section I of the Electronic Form I-9:

Complete the following fields:
     -  Full Name (Must match name on Social Security Card)
     - Address
(International Students use address in US)
     - Date of Birth
     - Social Security Number*/E-Mail Address/Phone Number
     - Citizen/Immigration Status

Under I attest under penalty of perjury that I am (check one of the following) select:

Check An Alien Authorized to Work until (expiration date, if applicable-month/day/year)
 (enter date found in line 5 of the I-20 form OR in the newer form under “Program End Date”).

Complete #2 (Enter Form I-94 Admission Number):

1. Alien Registration Number/USCIS Number _______________


  2. Enter Form I-94 Admission Number: ______________________

  Enter Form I-94 Admission Number.
  This is the eleven digit number located on the I-94 document (a small white card typically attached to the passport)
  If the I-94 card was not provided to you (instead, your passport was stamped with a CBP admission stamp, you must retrieve your admission number from an electronic printout which you obtain in this website:
  (View a sample image of the I-94)

Enter the following:

     Foreign Passport Number: __________________

     Country of Issuance: ______________________

To finalize completion of section I, you must electronically sign the document.
  *International Students (F-1 and J-1 Visa) pending Social Security Number
The I-9 Form can be completed without a Social Security Number (SSN); however,  a SSN is required by The Department of Homeland Security to complete the E-Verify process.  Therefore, all newly hired employees MUST have a SSN.