Graduate Assistantships are awarded by individual University departments and are subject to employment guidelines as specified by the hiring department and the Graduate School. Graduate students must be admitted for graduate work at the University of Miami before they are eligible to work as Graduate Assistants (GA).
Graduate Stipends may be classified as:
  • GAON- Administrative
  • GARA- Research
  • GATA- Teaching
  • GAFE- Fellow
  • GARE- Trainee

    The process for hiring graduate students depends on whether:

  • a student is a new hire at the University,
  • a new hire in the department but not in the University,
  • a returning student to the department, or
  • a graduate student working on an hourly basis and not receiving a stipend
    Please review the appropriate section for more detailed information.
    GA Hiring Procedures for First Time Hires at the University of Miami
    The hiring department completes the Student Employment Assignment Form (SEAF Part 1) with accompanying paperwork for first-time hires and forwards it to the Office of Student Employment for processing.
    Documents Required/Accompanying Paperwork and Procedures for First-Time Hires:
      SEAF Part-1
      Electronic Form I-9/E-Verify (to be completed electronically by the hiring department's E-verifier)
      W-4 Form
      Drug Free Form
      Environmental Health & Safety Training Checklist
      Background Check for Student Employees Working with Children
    Please note: The electronic Form I-9 must be completed before submitting all the required paperwork (SEAF Part- I, W-4 Form, and Drug Free Form).  The Form I-9 must be completed within 3 days of the first day of work. The Office of Student Employment will only process job assignments (SEAF Part-I) once the electronic Form I-9 has been completed (section 1 by the student employee and section 2 by the department’s representative/E-Verifier after reviewing appropriate documents).
    It is important to review the Graduate Payroll Schedule in order to ensure timely payment for the student. Assignments submitted later in the month may not meet the established payroll deadlines.
    Note: Additional forms/documents will be required for International Students. Please download the On Campus International Student Brochure.
    GA Hiring Procedures for a New Hire for a the Department, but NOT a New Hire at the University of Miami
    The hiring department completes the SEAF Part-1 and forwards it to the Office of Student Employment for processing. A new W-4 form is required if the student's status has changed. The SEAF-1 should be received at the Office of Student Employment by the 15th of the month in order to ensure end-of-month payment. Please check the payroll calendar for payroll dates.
    GA Hiring Procedures for Returning Students
    Re-hires may be processed on-line directly by the hiring department. To request access for processing GA's assignments, please contact
    Hiring Procedures for a Graduate Student working on an Hourly Basis and NOT Receiving a Stipend

    The hiring department follows the same procedures for hiring undergraduate students.

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    The department granting a tuition award to a graduate assistant must submit or fax notification to the Office of Student Employment on a Graduate Assistant Tuition Award form and faxed to the Office of Student Employment at (305) 284-6724.

    Departments must establish a Graduate Tuition Aid ID with the Office of Financial Assistance Services prior to completing the Graduate Assistant Tuition Award form.  This will require the completion of a Request for Financial Aid Account Form available at the Office of Financial Assistance Services.