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Welcome to on-campus student employment at the University of Miami!

Student employment enhances the educational development and personal growth of students by offering work related learning experiences. As a supervisor of a student employee, you have the shared responsibility of educating students and assisting them in developing skills that are vital to personal and career growth.

The following information will guide you through the student employment process.

We encourage you to contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance and Employment if you have any additional questions.

For information on student employment policies and procedures, please view the Practices and Procedures Manual.

On-Campus Student Employment Programs
Descriptions of our student employement programs, including: Federal Work Study, Student Assistant Program, Miami Commitment, Graduate Assistant Program
Hourly Student Assistants, Federal Work-Study
and Departmental Assistants
  The process of hiring these student employees is simple if you follow these four steps:
  1. Post your job announcement
  2. Interview candidates
  3. Complete the hiring process in Workday
  4. Remove your job announcement once the position has been filled
Graduate Assistants

Graduate Assistantships are awarded by individual University departments and are subject to employment guidelines as specified by the hiring department and the Graduate School. Graduate students must be admitted for graduate work at the University of Miami before they are eligible to work as Graduate Assistants (GA).

Miami Commitment Program

This program matches students with employers who can maximize their learning experiences on the job and mentor them over the course of their four years at UM. The Miami Commitment program is designed for the student who is responsible, eager to learn and who wants to work mainly to gain experience to apply toward future professional goals