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Phone: (305) 284-6641
Fax: (305) 284-6724
P.O. Box 248187
Miami, FL 33124-5250
Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m., EST
University Center, Suite 2275
1306 Stanford Drive
Coral Gables, FL 33146-6927

Visitor Parking
There are parking meters located along Stanford Drive.

The Office of Student Employment (OSE) is part of the Division of Enrollment Management. OSE is responsible for assisting and guiding degree-seeking students through the job search and placement process while attending the University of Miami.
Specifically, the Office of Student Employment:
  • Provides students with job opportunities on and off-campus which are delivered through five main programs: Federal Work Study Program, Miami Commitment Program, Student Assistant Program and Off-Campus (Job Locator Development) Programs and Graduate Assistantships/fellowships. View more on student information.
  • Provides departments and employers in the community effective services to facilitate the hiring of students to meet their part-time employment needs. View more on employer information.
  • Familiarizes and educates student employers and employees with the practices and procedures of student employment at the University of Miami, assuring that all institutional, governmental (state and federal) guidelines and requirements are met. View our Practices and Procedures Manual.
  • Ensures student work assignments are processed accurately and in a timely manner.
  • Creates, coordinates and offers training programs to enhance students’ job-related skills and future career marketability. View the Miami Commitment site and workshop schedule

    The Office of Student Employment and/or its employees are members of the National Student Employment Association and Southern Student Employment Association.

    The University of Miami's Office of Student Employment's Mission is to provide exceptional employment services to University of Miami students, University employers and the community of South Florida. We excel at providing career related and employment services that enable students to develop skills, refine career goals, finance education, and integrate work experience with classroom learning. Concurrently, we strive to offer the university community and local employers an educated, qualified and motivated work force.
    Our goals are:
  • To exceed our students’ and employers’ expectations for our services
  • To assist students in earning money to finance their education
  • To provide a qualified, dependable, motivated work force for on and off-campus employers
  • To broaden students’ classroom education with work skills that will complement their course of study
  • To educate and assist employers in their role as student supervisors
  • To provide administrative support to employers
  • To facilitate, through our programs and services, the Division of Enrollments’ goals of recruitment and retention
  • To help students refine their unique talents and explore their career options
    The Office of Student Employment provides job opportunities to all students regardless of sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, race or creed.

    Grisel Valdes
    Grisel Valdes
    Assistant Dean of Enrollments and Director of Student Employment

    "I hope students consider Student Employment as an essential part of their college experience. As Director of the Office of Student Employment (OSE), I strive to facilitate the process for students and prospective employers in a welcoming and professional atmosphere. The OSE consists of a small group of professionals, including student employees, with diverse backgrounds and experiences but with a shared commitment to serve and assist students in meeting their student employment and educational objectives."

    Favorite spot on campus: Rhodes House…it is my second home.
    Responsibilities:  Oversees the Office of Student Employment


    Bertha R. Vazquez
    Bertha R. Vazquez
    Staff Associate

    "After 29 years working at the Office of Student Employment, the best advice I can offer students is to take initiative to seek additional responsibilities in their jobs. The Federal Work-Study program is an excellent opportunity to learn and practice time management and leadership skills that will certainly help them later on in their careers."

    Favorite spot on campus: The lake and the surrounding palm trees because it reminds me of my homeland.
    Responsibilities: Oversees the coordination of the Federal Work Study program


    Dolores A. Varona
    Dolores A. Varona

    Senior Staff Assistant

    "I started working at the Office of Student Employment in the late 70’s and since then, I have seen a lot of changes. The changes in technology have made it easier for students to find jobs and have direct access to their employment information. CaneLink is a great tool for students to access their student employment information."

    Favorite spot on campus: Pathway around the lake
    Responsibilities: Oversees document and record-keeping and assists in the processing of graduate assistantships.


    Consuelo A. Diaz
    Consuelo A. Diaz

    Office Supervisor

    "I enjoy assisting students and supervisors in getting the information they need promptly and efficiently… this results in students getting paid in a timely manner.  I welcome the opportunity to meet so many talented and enthusiastic students from all over the world."

    Favorite spot on campus:  Pathway around the lake
    Responsibilities: Oversees the undergraduate and graduate assistant student payroll.


    Susie Picar
    Susie Picar

    Associate Director & Miami Commitment Coordinator

    " I enjoy the energy and enthusiasm students bring to the workplace. Students should think of work as more than just a paycheck and always try to make the most of their work experience. Regardless of the type of job, you will always be able to learn something that you can use in your future career."

    Favorite spot on campus: The area in front of the Richter Library.
    Responsibilities: Student employment advisor for on-campus programs. Coordinates the Miami Commitment program and manages the Student Employment and Miami Commitment websites and office publications.


    Maria Pavon
    Maria Pavon

    Director Off-Campus Programs

    "Students should take advantage of an off campus job experience early on and not wait until their senior year. Benefits of working off-campus include higher salaries, opportunity to work in career related fields, and networking with professionals."

    Favorite spot on campus:  University Center Patio...I really enjoy the cultural events, music and the energy of our students.
    Responsibilities: Student employment advisor for off-campus programs.  Coordinates several programs including the Job Location and Development Program, the Florida Work Experience program, America Reads and America Counts, and community service jobs.


    Tery Ortega
    Tery Ortega

    Staff Assistant

    "It is always nice to see the smile on students once you guide them in the right direction towards searching for job placement opportunities. There is a feeling of 'yes' I'm going to do it! Student Employment offers that guide and support."

    Favorite spot on campus:  The butterfly garden by the lake
    Responsibilities: Front office receptionist. Assists students and employers with general student employment questions.


    Annia Arcay

    Staff Assistant

    "I take great pride in assisting students and employers with any inquiries they might have pertaining to student employment. The joyful expressions I receive from students makes my job a pleasant and wonderful experience."

    Favorite spot on campus: The Rock
    Responsibilities: Front office receptionist. Assists students and employers with general student employment questions.


    Amy D. Williams

    Staff Assistant

    "I love taking the initiative to make sure students and supervisor’s needs are met. I enjoy congratulating students once their offered employment. I know that we’re helping students succeed to a brighter future."

    Favorite spot on campus: The benches by the volleyball has a sense of peace of mind
    Responsibilities: Front office receptionist. Assists students and employers with general student employment questions.