Dr. Mary Sapp, Associate Provost Gables One Tower, Suite 260
Planning, Institutional Research, and Assessment 1320 South Dixie Highway
Coral Gables FL 33146
Locator Code: 2923
Planning and Institutional Research
Name & Title Email Address Phone Number
Dr. Mary Sapp
Associate Provost
msapp@miami.edu 305-284-3856
Ms. Monica Vasquez
Office Manager
mvasquez@miami.edu 305-284-3856
Mr. Daniel Chan
Sr. Database Analyst
dchan@miami.edu 305-284-3894
Mr. Damon Fitzgerald
Research Analyst
dnf15@miami.edu 305-284-3791
Ms. Cherylyn Jauregui
Research Analyst
cjauregui@miami.edu 305-284-5004
Dr. Peter Liu
Sr. Research Analyst
pliu@miami.edu 305-284-1531
Ms. Shirley Lowe
Research Analyst
s.lowe@miami.edu 305-284-3228
Research Analyst
T.B.A. 305-284-4714
Ms. Wien Yu
Lead Research Analyst
wyu@miami.edu 305-284-3037
Assessment and Accreditation
Name & Title Email Address Phone Number
Dr. David Wiles
Executive Director
dwiles@miami.edu 305-284-3276
Ms. Gisela Dominguez
SACS Compliance Specialist (Accreditation)
gdominguez@miami.edu 305-284-9431
Mr. Adam Rosen
Doctoral Research Assistant
a.rosen11@umiami.edu 305-284-5120