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What is the deadline to submit a William L. Boyd, IV, Florida Resident Access Grant (BFRAG) application?

The preferred date for submitting an application for the BFRAG program is June 1 of each academic year. A separate BFRAG application must be submitted directly to the University of Miami Office of Financial Assistance Services. If you have previously submitted a valid BFRAG application, have been continuously enrolled at UM, and are still eligible, you will not be required to submit another application.

Is there an appeal process if I do not meet the renewal criteria for Florida aid?

Yes. The student must submit a state appeal form to the Office of Financial Assistance Services (Attention: State Programs) with supporting written documentation as to why standards were not met. The form is available online, and at the office located at Rhodes House Building 37.

Is it possible for a student to receive any Florida aid if he/she enrolls for less than 12 semester hours?

Residents who are eligible for and receive the Florida Student Assistance Grant (FSAG) and/or the William L. Boyd, IV, Florida Resident Access Grant (BFRAG) must enroll full-time. The student must complete 24 credit hours by the end of the academic year (Fall-Spring) to renew eligibility. Recipients of any of the Bright Futures Scholarships may enroll less than full-time, but must complete all course funded under Bright Futures.

If an out-of-state student enrolls at the University of Miami and he/she remains in Miami over one year, are they eligible to receive Florida aid?

No. Out-of-state students residing year-round at the University of Miami are not considered permanent Florida residents because their purpose for staying in Florida is considered to be for educational purposes by the State of Florida statutes. However, if a dependent student is a resident of a different state but at least one of their natural parents is a permanent resident of Florida then that student may be eligible for some state aid programs. For example, if a student is a permanent resident of the state of New York, but at least one parent has been a permanent Florida resident for at least one year prior to the start of the academic year then the student may be eligible for certain state grant programs. In most cases the student would be required to complete and submit the Certification of Florida Residency form and the appropriate documentation to certify their eligibility to the Office of Financial Assistance Services for review.



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