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The Office of Student Employment at the University of Miami provides unique services to students, which include professional student employment advisors, guidance through the major stages of career preparedness, as well as training programs. The Office of Student Employment works closely with supervisors to ensure their sensitivity to student schedules and academic commitments as well as their responsibilities in the student's learning process.

Student employment opportunities abound and students may obtain jobs on or off-campus depending on their financial eligibility, class schedules and desired experience.

The Miami Commitment Program

Unique to the University of Miami is the Miami Commitment program, an award-winning, experiential learning program. This program is available by invitation to incoming freshmen students receiving a University of Miami academic scholarship. The Miami Commitment program matches students with employers who can maximize their learning experiences on the job and mentor them over the course of their four years at UM. To be considered, invited students must apply to the program published deadline.

See the Miami Commitment website for further information.

The Federal Work-Study Program

Federal Work Study is a need-based program that provides part-time job opportunities based on your financial aid eligibility. Based on federal guidelines, the Office of Financial Assistance Services awards as many participants for this program as the federal allocation allows. You are awarded a specific amount. To apply for Federal Work Study, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and check 'yes' to 'interested in student employment?' You must reapply every year.

The Student Assistant Program

Students seeking on-campus positions that offer more flexible schedules and compensation can work through the Student Assistant program. This program is particularly popular with students who do not apply or qualify for financial aid. Student assistant positions are similar to Federal Work-Study positions in terms of the job search and rates of pay. However, they differ in that these jobs are not funded by federal funds. Examples of such jobs include writing for the Hurricane newspaper, tutoring other students or telemarketing. Because students like the flexibility and the chance to work on campus, these positions are in great demand.

Off-Campus Opportunities

Students looking for early career-related experience and who have reliable transportation are encouraged to consider off-campus work. The University of Miami is located close to Miami's major business centers. Known for its international banking and business, entertainment and media, technology and industry, and architectural growth, Metropolitan Miami offers an array of internship and student employment opportunities. Several offices can help students search for internships and off-campus jobs. The Toppel Career Planning and Placement Center offers a variety of opportunities for career-related experience.

Students participating in any of the University of Miami employment programs need to keep in mind that funds become available to pay as you earn them. Eligibility for an employment program does not provide the funds up front to pay for registration expense.

The University of Miami fully complies with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 which requires that employees present original documents establishing identity and work authorization for all employment programs.

Please consult the Student Employment website for additional requirements and information.

The University of Miami is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action University.


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