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Federal Work-Study:  The Federal Work-Study Program (FWSP) is funded by the federal government and the University.  Work-study jobs are available on campus through the FWSP for students demonstrating financial need.  Selected community agencies are also part of this program.  Hours are usually limited to 20 per week and wages vary depending upon job responsibilities.  Funds from this program cannot be used as payment for expenses at registration since the funds have not yet been earned.

Departmental Hirings: Students who are enrolled at least half-time may find part-time employment available through their academic departments.   

Student Assistants: Some students are hired for on-campus positions on the basis of skills required for a particular position and not on the basis of financial need.  The Office of Student Employment (Rhodes House, 37K) assists students in locating both on-campus and off-campus employment.  Please consult the Student Employment site for more details.

Graduate Assistantships: Graduate students must be admitted for graduate work at the University before they are eligible to work as Graduate Assistants.  They are awarded by individual University departments and are subject to employment guidelines as specified.  Check with your academic department (Dean’s Office) or with the Graduate School for available research and teaching assistantship opportunities.  



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