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New students must be accepted into the University as a degree-seeking student to receive aid.

Students and spouses should complete all sections of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  The federal processor must receive the FAFSA on or before the preferred date of March 1.

Students applying after the preferred date will be awarded on a funds available basis.

Students and their spouses (if applicable) can complete the FAFSA on the Web. Students must provide a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to serve as their electronic signature before completing 'FAFSA on the Web.' Students can request a PIN at www.pin.ed.gov.

To enhance the security of your U.S. Department of Education PIN and your personal information on the Web, there are two significant changes to the PIN process you should be aware of.

If you already have a PIN, the first time you attempt to use it, you will be prompted to agree to a PIN Terms and Conditions Activation Agreement, which asks you not to share your PIN with anyone and to keep it in a safe place, and to select the answer to a challenge question.

Only you will know the answer to your challenge question, and it may be used to validate your identity in the future.

Prospective students will not receive an award letter until they have been officially accepted by the University of Miami. You may accept/reject all or any portion of the award.  If you accept the financial aid award as offered in the award letter, follow the appropriate instructions.  If you choose to reject any aid, you must submit a letter of explanation to the Office of Financial Assistance Services (OFAS).

During the course of our review of the financial aid information provided by you and/or your family, the OFAS may request additional information to clarify your financial situation.  Among the documents that might be requested are tax returns, wage and tax statement (Form W-2), asset information, or statements regarding family size and members in college.

The University recommends that you keep copies of all applications or documents you submit during your application process.

Please note: No financial aid can be finalized until all requested documentation is received and reviewed by the OFAS.

Important tips for completing the FAFSA



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