Our team works with all areas of the Division of University Communications to design and develop websites that are implemented in the University’s top-tier Web content management service (CMS) software.

Deploying Sites in UM’s Central Content Management Software
We manage the template suite and product line for the existing CMS and empower areas at the University to fully leverage the software to develop their own Web content. Visit our software administration page for more information.

Working as a Consultant with Outside Firms
Some projects, especially some fully-customized or large-scale solutions, may fall outside of our resource capacity. In this case, we act as a primary consultant working with University areas to insure the best possible result dovetails nicely with the overall UM landscape of Web properties and digital communications channels already in place.

In this scenario, we pull from a stable of recommended vendors that have worked with us in the past and are familiar with our process. University groups interested in engaging third-party firms should contact us before signing any contracts. We are an approver in the purchasing process, and can work with areas at UM to diligently strategize and ensure new projects do not threaten our overall content strategy.