Our team administers and governs a range of software solutions, both on-premises and software-as-a-service accounts. If you have questions or need assistance with any of the following software, contact us.

Content Management Software
We manage the University’s Expression Engine iterations which UM uses as a content management solution. We are working toward a centralized, enterprise solution for all content management needs.
In the meantime, if you have questions about account access, setting up new sites, building websites with the following software, talk to us!

Expression Engine at the Coral Gables campus
Expression Engine at the Rosenstiel campus
Expression Engine at the Miller School campus
• Other Legacy Services: Ingenux (on the Medical campus)

25Live Space and Event Management and Calendaring
The University of Miami uses 25Live for creating and publishing Web events to our web calendars University-wide. Members of the University can login and submit events for consideration on our Web and mobile calendars by logging in with their ‘Cane id. Our work group can assist developing widgetized calendar views of events on your Web site. Use our Request form to get started. Learn more about the ‘Canes calendar and 25Live.

Blogging Software
There are various WordPress iterations at the University of Miami. Our team manages one multi-site install at http://blogs.univmiami.net. Various sites we have developed and maintain use WordPress themes elsewhere as well.

Some are:
e-Veritas: UM’s faculty staff newsletter website
Miami Magazine: The alumni magazine
RJ Dunlap Marine Conservation Program

We do not typically support WordPress as our primary solution for most projects, but if you need assistance with WordPress, feel free to contact us.

Web Metrics and Marketing Software
The University has both a legacy Urchin metrics box at UM that contain an archive of metrics data and a Google Analytics account that tracks top-tier and many marquee Websites using Expression Engine.

Areas who use Expression Engine at UM and have a Google Gmail account can be granted dashboard access to our Google Analytics profiles.

Digital Asset Management for Web Content
The University has a specific Microsoft Sharepoint Site which we manage that you can use to upload and host static Web content. This content can then be linked from your Web pages if needed. Common linked items include images, PDFs, Microsoft documents, and more.

Google Accounts
Our team oversees some of the University’s centrally-verified Google accounts. This includes:

• Google Webmaster Services
• Google Places/Local
• Google Maps/Streetview
• Google Analytics

If you discover information on Google that is incorrect or you need help with verifying your organization’s Google account, we can help.

Event Photography
Photography on our web pages is currently handled differently depending on which site you are browsing. The university does not have a centralized service for managing and displaying photos on web pages.

Our top-tier website at www.miami.edu and our press releases and feature stories commonly utilize a Photoshelter account for displaying images and slideshows. You can access a collection of official UM photography there.

Video Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)
Websites at the University utilize various third-party video delivery solutions such as YouTube and Vimeo. These accounts are de-centralized and are setup as needed by sub-units themselves. If you want video posted to our official UM account for one of these channels, contact the video workgroup within University Communications.

Our team can provide guidance on two video CDN solutions offered centrally by UM through our office.

Brightcove: A video CDN account primarily used to serve top-tier video content that we do not want displayed or shared in the context of a YouTube or Vimeo player or playlist. All videos must be posted and managed by our area.

Kaltura MediaSpace: A video delivery platform UM owns that can allow colleges, schools, and University areas to manage their own on-demand video uploads, channels, and playlists. For questions or assistance, contact us.

Flipbook Technology
Our workgroup has access to an ISSUU premium account that we use to deliver a flipbook-style experience for PDF content. The service allows individuals to upload PDF and then embed a particular document into Web page elsewhere.
We recommend setting up an account with Flipbook to achieve this functionality on your pages. We also add Flipbook content in special circumstances to our premium account if appropriate.

Social Networking
Our area can assist in the coordination and management of your social networking content and accounts from any number of social network sites.  We also maintain the UM Social Network page.