General Education Assessment

The University of Miami‚Äôs General Education Requirements ensure that graduates have acquired essential intellectual skills and have engaged in a range of academic disciplines.  With cognates replacing distribution requirements in general education, the University Curriculum Committee has endorsed a new process to measure outcomes in Arts & Humanities, People & Society, and STEM cognates. This evidence driven data collection and analysis will assist our office in determining the competencies attained by undergraduates. Courses included in one or more cognates are being sampled each semester and selected instructors are asked to evaluate student achievement in relation to specific learning outcomes.  The new CoursEval assessments, administered online, replace the combination of rubrics and low-stakes tests in general education. The first set of data was collected in the fall of 2015.

By the same token, the Quantitative Reasoning (QR) test that has been administered since 2008 will also be replaced in AY 2017 with another direct measure linked to student performance in the classroom.

Student Learning Outcomes in English Composition continue to be assessed annually by the Composition faculty.

For more information on General Education Assessment please feel free to contact our office at (305) 284-4714.