The OAA is responsible for monitoring institutional compliance with SACSCOC requirements for faculty credentials.

For each course the University offers, the University must demonstrate that the instructor is sufficiently qualified by documenting his/her credentials.

  • To teach an undergraduate level course, an instructor must have a doctorate or master’s degree or in the discipline or a master’s degree in another discipline but at least 18 graduate credit hours in the discipline.
  • To teach a graduate level course, an instructor must have a doctorate or other terminal degree in the discipline.
  • Teaching assistants must have a master’s degree in the discipline or 18 graduate credit hours in the discipline and direct supervision by a faculty member experienced in the teaching discipline, regular in-service training, and planned and periodic evaluations.
  • If an instructor or teaching assistant does not have the academic credentials above, the University must provide a written justification of what other credentials qualify the instructor to teach the course. Other credentials could include related work experiences in the field, professional licensure and certifications, honors and awards, etc.
    • o Please use the TA Credentials and Evaluation Form for approval for TAs that require written justification of other credentials.

    For more information on SACSCOC requirements for faculty credentials, consult their guidelines.