Announcing the 2014 ACC-IAC Creativity and Innovation Fellows

The ACCIAC Fellows Program in Creativity and Innovation supports undergraduates involved in student-driven projects at each of the ACC member campuses. This program directly connects undergraduate students to core ACC university missions of creativity and innovation and represents the conference’s excellence in, and commitment to, quality undergraduate education.

Alexander Aldred, David Leon, and Jonah Udall - Performance and Musical Exchange tour of Bulgaria and Serbia
In August 2014, Jonah Udall (guitar), David Leon (saxophone) and Alec Aldred (trumpet), will travel across Bulgaria and Serbia for 23 days to perform and study traditional Balkan music. The tour will take this jazz trio to eight cities, two international music festivals and countless performance spaces from the Balkan mountains to the Black Sea, meeting and working with local jazz and folk musicians along the way. In concert, the trio will present their own artistic vision, a program original compositions, meanwhile broadening their horizons in a diverse musical exchange.

Mohammad Arsalan – Arduino Microcontroller Based Rocket Stabilization System
Rocketeers design rockets to fly stably and vertically straight, but rockets rarely behave in this way due to all sorts of environmental and structural factors.  Using an Aruduino microcontroller and an inertial guidance system, Mohammad plans to connect control components to the rocket’s fins to allow for directional adjustments and keep the rocket guided throughout its flight.

Sumedh Shah – Use of Electron Microscopy to Study Morphology of Glioblastoma Stem Cells.
Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM), the most common and aggressive form of primary brain tumor, is marked by an unfavorable patient prognosis even with chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgical treatment. GBM arises from what are referred to as glioblastoma stem cells (GSCs), which have been linked to tumor recurrence. Sumedh plans to use transmission electron microscopy to investigate GSCs in order to elucidate possible therapeutic targets.

2014 UM Service Fellows

Also supported by a grant from the ACC-IAC Creativity and Innovation Program, Senior Sierra Farquhar will receive a summer fellowship to participate in full-time, public service internship.  The UM Service Fellowship is the legacy of two UM students (recipients of the ACC-IAC Creativity and Innovation grant in its inaugural year) who sought to create opportunities for their peers to participate in service-oriented, summer internships that would otherwise be unpaid.

Sierra Farquhar (‘15) – Ethos Music Center – Portland, Oregon
Sierra will be a Summer Intern and Camp Assistant at the Ethos Music Center, a Portland-based NGO dedicated to providing quality music education to students, regardless of socioeconomic background or geographical location.  A music education major, Sierra serves on the executive board of the National Association for Music Education and has worked extensively with the non-profit Children’s Voice Chorus in the greater Miami community. She will utilize her training in voice, violin, flute, piano and music engineering to inspire young musicians.  Sierra also hopes to gain hands-on experience to help her toward her goal of leading a similar organization in the future.