University of Miami Statement on Delta Kappa Chapter

CORAL GABLES, Fla. (March 05, 2015) — The outpouring of care and support felt for the Delta Kappa Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma has been nothing short of amazing. The Fraternity, as the national organization, appreciates the passionate comments that have been shared.

Kappa Kappa Gamma made the difficult decision to suspend operations at Delta Kappa Chapter. Kappa does not make these decisions without careful consideration. The Fraternity has been consistently working with Delta Kappa Chapter to provide extensive recruitment assistance, multiple consultant visits each year and other Kappa resources.

The Fraternity believes in and stands behind each one of our chapters. After several heartfelt conversations with the University of Miami administrators over the past three days, Kappa Kappa Gamma has reversed the decision to suspend chapter operations that was to go into effect May 2015.

“The University of Miami (UM) is elated that Kappa Kappa Gamma has reconsidered their decision of the Delta Kappa Chapter,” said Dr. Patricia A. Whitely, Vice President of Student Affairs for the University of Miami. “We are committed to working collaboratively with our present student members of Delta Kappa chapter, the UM Greek community, our alumna and Kappa Kappa Gamma’s Fraternity Headquarters to ensure the continuing success of this chapter that has been on our campus since 1938.”

To ensure its success, Kappa will provide a Chapter Consultant to work solely with Delta Kappa Chapter effective August 2015. This resident consultant will serve as a resource to Delta Kappa Chapter for two years. The university and the Fraternity will partner to increase alumna support for the chapter.

“There is no one who wants Delta Kappa Chapter to succeed more than we do,” said Beth Black, Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity President. “Kappa is thrilled to see this incredible level of support from the University of Miami community. It is our fervent hope that with this additional encouragement and enthusiasm, combined with alumna support and the Fraternity’s ongoing efforts, Delta Kappa Chapter will flourish for many years to come as part of UM’s strong and vibrant Greek community.”

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