UM Presents Re-Imagining the Amazon: Deep History, Cultural Memory and the Politics of Nature

Coral Gables (September 27, 2010) — WHAT: Join us for a lecture by Amazon Rainforest specialist Michael Heckenberger. The talk will include recent studies of the Amazon that reveal substantial cultural diversity and dynamic change, including large, densely settled pre-Columbian polities in several areas. The lecture is hosted by the University of Miami Department of Anthropology, the Leonard and Jayne Abess Center for Ecosystem Science and Policy and the Center for Latin American Studies.

WHO: Michael Heckenberger is an associate professor in Anthropology at the University of Florida. He has conducted research on the archaeology and historical ethnography of Amazonian peoples for the past two decades. His primary research has focused on the long term history of indigenous people in the Xingu region of southern Amazon, including over two years in residence with the Kuikuro community.

WHEN/WHERE: Wednesday, October 13th at 2:00 p.m. in room 2055 at the UM School of Communication, 5100 Brunson Drive, Coral Gables campus.

WHY: The Amazon holds a special place in the Western imagination. The world’s largest tropical forest is often portrayed as pristine nature, little impacted by the region’s isolated, small-scale societies. Today, it is an icon for international concerns regarding global ecological change, as rapid deforestation and ecological degradation threaten much of the region.

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