Sweat has its Rewards: Giving Back to the Community

Participating in the UM Day of Service, about 100 faculty and staff help spruce up Liberty City's Charles R. Drew K-8 Center.

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MIAMI, Fla. (March 06, 2015) — More than 100 faculty and staff from all campuses left their desks and labs Friday and headed to Liberty City’s Charles R. Drew K-8 Center, where they primed, painted, hammered, drilled, and sweated their way through a rewarding UM Day of Service, which was held in advance of Sunday’s Clinton Foundation Day of Action for students attending the Clinton Global Initiative University meeting on the UM campus.

“It’s great to get out of the office and contribute to the community for a good cause,’’ said Human Resources’ Jackie Henderson, who spruced up a garbage enclosure with the Office of the Controller’s Karen Bonner.

UM volunteers worked with the Miami Children’s Initiative, a non-profit organization focused on transforming Liberty City into a prosperous community. They helped community residents paint murals, trash bins, and garden borders, refurbish clothes lines, power wash residences, and build and paint shade structures.

“The response from UM employees was tremendous, and fully reflected the spirit of the U,” said Nerissa Morris, vice president of human resources. “Working with MCI and CGI U, we are making a positive difference in this community, which is part of our common purpose to transform lives through teaching, research, and service. Today we helped transform a neighborhood.”

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Human Resources' Jackie Henderson, right, spruces up a garbage enclosure with the Office of the Controller’s Karen Bonner.

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