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Solar-powered charging station for wireless devices installed at Richter Library courtyard.

(August 20, 2013) — Think of it as a power plant for your cell phone or laptop. A solar-powered charging station for wireless devices has been installed at the University of Miami’s Richter Library courtyard near Starbucks, providing an on-the-go, off-the-grid source of juice for smartphones and tablets.

The station—a 12-foot steel pole with three petal-shaped solar panels on top—can charge up to six devices at a time, day or night, with a mini USB built-in tip and USB ports for smartphone or tablet users who have their own charging cables.

“This is not only a part of the University’s continuous commitment to sustainable initiatives but also a way to keep our faculty, staff, and students connected to their technology,” said Ian McKeown, sustainability coordinator for the Office of Environmental Health and Safety. “More and more people are using data on their smartphones, which drains batteries pretty quickly.”

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UM’s new solar-powered charging station for wireless devices is located at the Richter Library Courtyard near Starbucks.

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