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Graduate Laura Morcate says the internships she participated in helped prepare her for a career.

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CORAL GABLES, Fla. (May 02, 2014) — As South Florida native Laura Morcate takes a retrospective look at her college career at the University of Miami, she stresses the impact of internships in the professional development of students.

The 22-year-old electronic media and motion pictures graduate explains, “The time spent at my internships has allowed me to transition from a student to an employee.”

Morcate, who had three esteemed internships in the entertainment and news industries at international companies like MTV TR3S, and local news organizations like WLRN and the Miami New Times, goes on to say, “Interning has been key in shaping my habits as a professional by being exposed to real-world demands and work-flow, industry-standard equipment and software, and have been bestowed with important guidance and knowledge from my supervisors and peers.”

But this School of Communication senior’s success in the entertainment field did not happen easily. Morcate worked tirelessly during her freshman and sophomore years, immediately involving herself in the University’s on-campus television station, UMTV, as a student reporter. She describes this experience as invaluable because she “quickly realized I had little desire to be an on-air personality.”

Surprisingly, Morcate found that she felt more comfortable behind-the-scenes. It was during her television experience on campus that her true passion for writing, producing, and editing blossomed. Thankfully, Morcate recognized this in time for her to land internships some great media companies, where she was able to work closely with the production teams.

As her final internship with WLRN comes to an end, the South Florida PBS affiliate has offered Morcate a position as part-time station editor. She intends to use the position as a stepping stone to pursue a career in television and digital production that aligns with her several interests, which include investigative journalism, social justice, the environment, global issues, arts, and culture.

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