Haiku for the U

Read haikus being submitted, and send in your best haiku about the U in honor of Homecoming and Alumni Weekend.

From UMNews

CORAL GABLES, Fla. (November 01, 2013) — With Alumni Weekend and Homecoming fast approaching, take a moment and celebrate the University of Miami by submitting a haiku about the U.

We’re inviting everyone – faculty, staff, students, alumni, parents, and yes, you too – to send in their thoughts in this short form of poetry.

So, what’s a haiku?

According to dictionary.com, a haiku is “a major form of Japanese verse, written in 17 syllables divided into three lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables, and employing highly evocative allusions and comparisons, often on the subject of nature or one of the seasons.”

Click this link, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to email in your best haiku.

Be creative and have fun.

Submitted Haikus:

I was just kidding.
Why so serious? I know
He is not a duck.
            -Olivia Sanchez

Miami is “U”
It unifies you and I
Welcome to the “U”
            - Maria S. Velez

Something I live for
My one, my only, my all
Green and orange: []_[]
            - Kayla Lott

It’s all about the U
Excellence at its best
We are truly blessed!
            - Lourdes Sanchez

A hurricane now
Means a hurricane for life
We are Miami
            - Masood Mohammed

That orange and green
We love it and we live it
Miami is home
            - Masood Mohammed

I love my campus
UM is my second home
Bleed orange and green
            - Liz Markowitz

Come back to the U!
Welcome Cane one and Cane Two..
Old and New Canes too...!
            - Sudarshan Ranganathan

U with all its might
Stands tall, orange, green, so bright
Cane spirit ignite!
            - Sudarshan Ranganathan

U the Hurricane
Hail from Miami Biscayne
Pride in shine or rain
            - Sudarshan Ranganathan

UM souls Triumph
As “U” lights your future bright
“U” knows all unite
            - Samara Alfonso

On wings of triumph
Miami Hurricanes soar!
Our force unrivaled.
            - William Rocha

Stand thru thick and thin
As ’Canes we believe in U
Support, Love and be Proud!
            -Walleska Lacayo

Gotta Love the U
Spirit of the Hurricanes
Forever Our Pride
            - Sudarshan Ranganathan

U are there to teach
U are there to make us proud
U are number one
            - Ray Murgueytio

All brought together
By the power of The U
Canes Worldwide Strong
            - Tim Board, Kirishima, Japan

Deep in Florida
The eye of the hurricane
Unite fans worldwide
            - Tim Board, Kirishima, Japan

I thought I loved you
Then you wore your Gators hat
The magic is gone
            - Meredith Camel

Sebastian calls us
Voices join, energy builds
            - Meredith Camel

Mighty Hurricanes!
Forever, the U will rule
Always Miami
            - Angel Loor

The Miami Canes!
So good U Gotta love them,
Or love to hate them.
            - Angel Loor

It is great to be
Part of the Cane family
Creators of swag
            - Jillian Benitez

What a sight to see
Dressed all in orange and green
At full speed ahead
            - Jillian Benitez

Best years of my life
Always proud to be a Cane
Miami is home
            - Jennifer Cohn

Orange, green, and white.
Candles and fire on the lake
Homecoming sights, sounds!
            - Jean Padden Blakley

Hail to the spirit;
Parade, boat-burning, fireworks!
Homecoming is grand
            - Jean Padden Blakley

Fire on the lake,
Smoke from the tunnel, and then
Canes scorch the Hokies!
            - Jean Padden Blakley

Bleed orange and green
It is all about the U
‘Cane for life, it’s true!
            - Wendy Chun

Crazy Sebastian
Mischievous to the end
We love U my friend
            - Susan Montes

Bled the passion, then
Living the dream endlessly
U are boundless, now
            - Javon Gibbons

Will we ever see
Sebastian the Ibis
Complete his degree?
            - David Wiles

U Miami U
Too Cool Phenomenal U
Its All About U!
            - Judy Estren

Snip Snouts off Gators
Say No Prayers for Deacons
Smear Pokey Hokies!
            - Judy Estren

Southern suns call home
Hurricanes worldwide to make
More great memories
            - Jeneta Hot

palms outstretched, thumbs joined
new memories and old friends
welcome all Canes home
            - KC Culver

Hurricane Nation
We are one now and always
Our spirit flies high
            - Amanda Matalon

No storm is stronger
Heed our warning fear our wrath
Hurricane Nation!
            - Amanda Matalon

Bright colors and pride
All for one and one for all
It's all about the U
            - Randy Deputy Jr.

The Waves of Biscayne
Surge through this land, furious
Triumph lives with U.
            - Akhil Khan

Boundless Storms, intense,
Challenging the course of Fate,
We are Hurricanes
            - Akhil Khan

The Ibis flies there
Where the Boldest don’t follow
But the Canes endure
            - Akhil Khan



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