Grant Fast-Tracks New Nurses into the Field

Nursing school establishes scholarship fund for accelerated B.S.N. students.

Coral Gables (June 27, 2012) — A generous grant from a private trust has allowed the University of Miami’s School of Nursing and Health Studies to establish a scholarship fund that will fast-track new nurses into the profession and address the nation’s critical shortage in that field.

The Helene Fuld Health Trust Scholarship Fund, established with a $500,000 award from the Helene Fuld Health Trust, will help students enrolled in UM’s accelerated B.S.N. program to earn a bachelor’s degree in 12 months.

“We appreciate the recognition bestowed upon our program by the Helene Fuld Health Trust to offer prospective students a fast track to nursing as a career,” said Nilda Peragallo, dean of the School of Nursing and Health Studies. “Our accelerated B.S.N. students are highly successful both academically and professionally. In fact, more than 90 percent pass the national licensing exam on their first attempt.”

Established in May 2004, the University of Miami’s accelerated B.S.N. program offers the highest quality in nursing education, exposing students to clinical training and hands-on patient care while also addressing the nation’s critical nursing shortage. Applicants must already hold a baccalaureate degree. Many students in the program have already earned graduate degrees and/or have several years of professional experience in health-related or other relevant professions. Admission to this rigorous program requires applicants to have completed eight specific prerequisite courses in science, math, and psychology fields, and to have obtained a minimum grade-point average of 3.0 in their previous degree courses.

The Helene Fuld Health Trust is the nation’s largest private funder devoted exclusively to nursing students and nursing education. In 1935 Leonhard Felix Fuld and his sister, Florentine, created a foundation in honor of their mother, Helene. In 1965 the foundation was converted to the Helene Fuld Health Trust to support and promote the health, welfare, and education of student nurses.

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