Former Miami Herald General Counsel is Named School of Communication Journalism Program Director

Coral Gables,Florida (May 28, 2010) — Dean Sam L Grogg appointed Associate Professor Sam Terilli the School of Communication’s Journalism Program Director on May 18. Professor Terilli, who has been with the School of Communication since 2002, will oversee all matters related to the School’s journalism program including curriculum development and implementation, advising, faculty affairs, and related student and academic affairs.

In his new role, Professor Terilli will continue looking at the intersections of all forms of journalism, from print to broadcast to the web, to better prepare students for careers in journalism.

“Sam Terilli’s extensive background in journalism working with a Pulitzer-Prize-winning publication and combined with his work in the development of multimedia and web-based journalism projects is a true benefit to our students and the School,” says Dean Grogg.

Professor Terilli holds a J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School and a B.A. from the State University of New York at Albany. He practiced media, commercial and employment law for 28 years, including 12 years as the General Counsel of the Miami Herald Publishing Company and six years as a partner in a national law firm, Ford & Harrison, LLC. Professor Terilli was managing partner of that firm’s Miami office before he joined academia.

While at the Herald, Professor Terilli served on the newspaper’s editorial board for six years and spent two extended assignments in the Herald's newsroom, once to lead a re-organization of the news operations and once as a working reporter to study the news operations.

At the University of Miami, Professor Terilli teaches media law, the history of journalism, in-depth journalism, and news ethics. His research interests include privacy, defamation, commercial speech, access to public records and other information controlled by government, newsroom management, media ethics and history, and the relationships between expression and litigation. He has written several articles on media law and management issues for publications including the Journal of Mass Media Ethics and the Public Relations Journal.

“Journalism is alive and well at the University of Miami because we emphasize both critical thinking and the skills that form the essence of journalism – great reporting, writing and editing in a multimedia and digital world,” Professor Terilli said. “People obtain their news from many different sources – some use print, some use radio or television, some prefer the Internet with its blogs, social media sites and other features and increasingly many use all of the above. We teach our students to navigate their way through and adapt to this changing world while remaining true to journalism’s core values.”

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