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Part of the UMove initiative, UM’s new outdoor fitness circuit includes seven resistance machines for every major muscle group.

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CORAL GABLES, Fla. (February 26, 2014) — It’s the University of Miami’s version of Muscle Beach—the world’s most famous outdoor gym—but without the exorbitant membership fees.

Featuring equipment for every major muscle group, UM’s outdoor UMove Fitness Circuit opened last month behind the University’s Herbert Wellness Center near the Intramural Fields, offering faculty, staff and students a new way to get fit.

“We want to provide as many alternatives as possible for the UM community to stay physically active,” said Tony Musto, associate director of fitness programs in the Department of Wellness, which dedicated the outdoor gym on Monday.

Open anytime to anyone with a valid UM ’Cane Card, the circuit consists of a set of combination bars and seven hydraulic resistance machines, including a shoulder press, abdominal toner, chest press, and arm curl. But don’t expect to build massive muscles. “This is more for general physical health—a good way to improve muscle tone and bone density while reducing the risk of diabetes,” said Musto. “Outdoor fitness areas are growing in popularity around the country, and we hope this one will catch on at UM.”

According to Bhumi Patel, outgoing president of UM Student Government, it already has, especially among students. An exercise physiology major, Patel came up with the idea after seeing similar outdoor fitness circuits at Miami-area parks. She pledged to bring the circuit to UM as part of her campaign for SG president last April, and she and her team partnered with Wellness and Recreation to deliver it once she was elected.

“We learned that Wellness and Recreation was just as excited about the idea,” said Patel.

So excited, that the department has made the open-air exercise court part of its UMove initiative, which encourages employees and students to stay physically active by participating in a Walking ’Canes 10k-a-Day program and taking the stairs instead of elevators.

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Under the watchful eye of Sebastian the Ibia, SG President Bhumi Patel, who led the initiative to bring an outdoor fitness court to UM, tries out a shoulder press machine during the dedication.

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