Enterprise Resource Planning Initiative Launches Website

(September 10, 2012) — A new comprehensive website for the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) initiative has launched. The website contains information about the project, timelines, FAQs, training schedules, a glossary of terms, and much more. Additionally, the Campus Solutions project, representing the first phase of UM’s multi-year, multi-phase administrative system replacement project, has reached its first milestone: going live with the Course Catalog. The Course Catalog is a foundational piece of the overall implementation and forms a base on which to build future functionality for forthcoming go-lives in Financial Aid, Academic Advisement, and Admissions.

“I can’t overemphasize the importance of the ERP project to the University,” said Joe Natoli, senior vice president, Business and Finance, University of Miami. “Once completed, it will touch every student, faculty, and staff member at UM and often be a part of the first and last impression made by the University.”

This is one of the most far-reaching projects in UM’s history and will not only upgrade the information technology that drives student, financial, and human resources systems—it will significantly transform the way UM conducts business and provides services to its students, faculty, and staff.

Phase 1, launched in February 2012, will replace the University’s current student information system with industry-leading software: Oracle PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. This student information system will provide students and faculty with many new capabilities, including an enhanced registration process, course wait lists, prerequisite checking, student academic planning, improved tools for academic advising, and increased off-campus access to integrated academic information and services. The rollout of upgraded systems for payroll and human resources, as well as financial and supply chain management, will follow, with implementation continuing through 2013. See the Campus Solutions Timeline on the website for release dates (CaneID/password required to view the Timeline).

To learn more about the ERP project, visit: http://www.miami.edu/erp.

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