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Harvard Dean Named UM’s Sixth President

Dr. Julio Frenk, Mexico's former Minister of Health, will begin at UM on September 1.

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  1. Photo Faculty Senate Honors ‘Change Agents’ at Annual Awards Ceremony

    Jay S. Skyler, Mary E. Mckay, and René Sacasas were honored for their contributions in research, teaching, and service.

  2. Photo Laboratory in Flight

    RSMAS unveiled its innovative helicopter observation platform, a game-changer for research missions.

  3. Photo UM Alumnus Rubio Runs for Nation’s Highest Office

    Sen. Marco Rubio announced his Republican bid Monday at the Freedom Tower.

  4. Photo International Week Celebrates Cultural Diversity Around the World

    Join the Council of International Students and Organizations on a trip around the world as International Week continues on the Coral Gables campus.