The largest collection of Web pages hosted by the University of Miami are served by one of two content management systems deployed by the University's central Division of Information Technology. Design templates for both of these services will be upgraded without any required action being taken by administrators or content managers of web accounts using these services.

Pages with headers similar to the ones above are most likely hosted by one of UM's Division of IT content management systems. These pages will be updated automatically when the new search goes live on September 7, 2010.

I need help updating the code on my Web page

The code that will allow you to update existing pages or embed the search field in new Web pages will be made available before September 7, 2010. If you know that your Website is not hosted on a central content management system, and if you are currently connecting to the existing central University Web search, you will need to edit your pages so that your existing Web search points to the new search engine, not the old one scheduled to retire.

The Division of Information Technology's Web Design and Development Unit will help provide code that can be used in your Web page that will point to the University's new central Web search.

For assistance, call 305-284-3009 or e-mail