The University of Miami is upgrading its Web search! The new search will index more University of Miami content and will deliver more relevant search results.

When does the change occur?

The new search will be activated on the main University website beginning September 7, 2010. The old search will be retired approximately 30 days later.

Will website visitors be affected?

No changes will affect visitors who browse the top-tier website. Visitors do not have to do anything new to access the upgraded search. The new search will be integrated using this transition schedule and will seamlessly replace the existing search field that appears at the top of University Web pages. Visitors will only benefit from the new search results; the rest of the upgrade will be largely invisible to them.

What about non-top-tier websites using the old search?

The largest collection of Web pages hosted by the University of Miami are served by one of two content management systems deployed by the University's central Division of Information Technology. Design templates for both of these services will be upgraded without any required action being taken by administrators or content managers of web accounts using these services.

The search area on most Web pages (circled above) will point to a new Web search beginning September 7.

However, Web administrators who DO NOT use UM's central content management services but are taking advantage of the University's central Web search on their pages will need to edit their existing pages before the old search is retired. This would include colleges and school websites that run on their own content management service and are using UM's central Web search. This also includes individuals who have static FTP websites and are connected to UM's central Web search.

There will be a month-long window after the new search is launched before the old one is retired. See the transition schedule for more details. With a minor edit, existing search forms can be directed from the old search to the new one. Visit the "How to Embed the New Search Into Existing Pages" link for information on how to consider this option. Remember, only do this if you manage a website at the University of Miami that is NOT hosted by a content management system offered by UM's central Division of Information Technology. In addition, you only have to make this change if you currently use the University's central Web search.

Does this change affect the People Search or the Department Search?

No, the upgraded Web search does not affect the functionality of the people search or the department search.

Anonymous visitors and UM web managers are invited to test drive the new search here. For assistance or feedback on the search or if you need help confirming whether your Web pages will be affected, e-mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call 305-284-1604.