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A unique work program for UM’s top freshmen students
The Miami Commitment program is unique in that students and employers are pre-selected and matched. Acceptance to the program is limited for both students and employers to ensure that all participants are committed to a meaningful work experience.

The program provides students with job opportunities in which they utilize the skills they already possess and gain new skills that will assist them in their career development.

As the focus of the program is to develop and sharpen transferable skills that can be used in future professions, these jobs are not necessarily related to students’ academic majors.

Personalized Services
Job placement in the Miami Commitment program is supplemented by a myriad of support services that better prepare students for the work world.  Career development workshops, personal advising and guidance, and assistance with resume writing are some of the services available to students. Our staff will even help students searching for a summer job in their hometowns through the Summer-at-home program.