This evaluation is intended for all First Year Miami Commitment students for the End of the Fall semester evaluation. Please answer all questions.

Please review our privacy statement relating to information we collect, choice/opt-out, and correction/updating of personal information before proceeding. Required questions are marked with an (*).

* First Name * Last Name
* Student ID * E-mail Address
* Office/Department * Supervisor
* Is this the first time you have ever been employed (i.e. is this the first job you have ever had)?
* Would you say that this job Exceeded, Met, or Did Not Exceed your expectations:
Did Not Exceed
* Did your supervisor provide a general orientation to the office?
(i.e., gave general information about the office, discussed office procedures, introduced other staff and fellow employees, etc.)
* Did your supervisor clearly explain your duties and responsibilities?
* Did your supervisor discuss what is expected from you on the job?
* How long did it take for you to feel comfortable in your work environment?
* Please rate your current level of satisfaction with your job:
Very Satisifed
Not Satisfied
If you are not satisfied, what could be done (either by your supervisor, our office, or yourself) that would increase your level of satisfaction?
What challenge(s), if any, did you face your first semester at UM that may have impacted your employment experience?
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