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Commitment to your orientation and adjustment: Learning to become a successful student and a responsible employee.
As you begin your college experience, you will be encountering issues of transition and adjustment. The simple activities required during the first year, will help you fine-tune your ability to juggle school, work and social responsibilities, as well as validate your initial career goals.
  • Attend the Miami Commitment Orientation
  • Attend a Time Management Workshop*
  • Register with HireACane (powered by Handshake)
  • Complete the Sokanu Career Assessment Tool
  • Complete the Fall Semester Evaluation for First Year MC Students
  • Complete the End-of-Year Evaluation for First Year MC Students
    You can keep a record of all your Miami Commitment activities by using this handy activity journal (pdf).
    *Remember to RSVP for the workshop if needed
    First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year