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Miami Commitment program requirements have been developed to guide you on a successful path towards career development.

Through the program’s activities and in your Miami Commitment position, you will learn some of the core “competencies” or skills that employers look for when you graduate. Your active participation at work and in Miami Commitment activities will strengthen your competence in the skills employers are looking for, and will help you market those skills when you prepare to graduate and embark on a career.

Four Year Overview
First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year

Career development is an essential component of the Miami Commitment Program. The Office of Student Financial Assistance and Employment and the Toppel Career Center are working together to ensure that Miami Commitment students take full advantage of the career development services offered at the University of Miami. In order to satisfy the career development component of the Miami Commitment Program, you must follow the four stages of Career Development.

There is a feedback form for each activity which you will need to complete and submit to the Office of Student Financial Assistance and Employment upon completion of an activity (either in paper or on the web). Meeting the requirements of the career development track by attending all the activities listed for each stage, along with completing required evaluations, and maintaining a satisfactory employment and academic record ensures your program participation will be renewed.