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General Instructions:

College Fair Registration/Information: The University of Miami Office of Admission has already taken care of the registration and fees (if applicable) for all college fairs you sign-up to attend online. You do not need to worry about registering or payment for a fair! You will receive a copy of the fair invitation and a confirmation letter from the Miami Circle coordinator about1 week after signing up online. The fair invitation will include date, time, and location details of the fair in addition to directions and parking instructions if applicable. If the fair invitation indicates that additional confirmations will be sent, please be assured that the confirmation will be sent to you as soon as it is received in the Office of Admission.

Attire: Miami Circle members are expected to wear business casual attire to college fairs (Women: slacks/skirt and UM polo/blouse; Men: slacks/khakis and nice shirt/UM polo). If you have any UM polo shirts, please feel free to wear them to the fair with khakis....the more publicity, the better! If not, wearing nice pants and a button-down shirt or blouse is fine. Also, don't forget your Miami Circle nametag! If you need a new nametag, please fill out your request for a new tag online on this website, and a new tag will be sent to you within 7-10 business days.

Arrival: Please plan to arrive at the college fair site at least 45 minutes before the college fair is to begin. This is because you will need to check-in with the host organization and set-up your table. Please bring with you a copy of the college fair invitation that you were sent in the mail and your shipment of UM materials and brochures to display on your table. Also, don't forget your UM table banner! You may want to bring several pens to use when having students fill out the inquiry cards.

UM Materials: When more than one Miami Circle member is attending a fair, UM materials are only sent to the first MC member to sign-up, so don't panic if you did not receive materials! In the letter that you received with the fair invitation it indicates whether shipping will be sent to you or someone else.

How to Set-up your table: After you check-in and arrive at your table, the first thing you will do is lay out your Green UM Table banner. Please keep in mind that during the college fair, you are REQUIRED to stand behind the table per the National Association of College Admission Counseling (NACAC) Statement of Principles of Good Practice. A full explanation of these rules can be found downloaded through NACAC .

Next, arrange the following materials on your table (all contained in your shipment):

1. At-A-Glance Brochures: Quantity: 200 - 250 per college fair. These are the 5.5" x 8.5" brochures that give an overview about admission, fast facts, majors, etc.   These should be laid out in stacks of about 50-100 spaced out on the table. You will be referring to these a lot when talking with students and families. To view the PDF version of the At-A-Glance brochure, please click here.

2. Inquiry Cards: Quantity: 5 packets of 50 cards per college fair. These come in packets of 50 and will be placed on the table closest to the front of the table where students and parents will visit. Place these cards along with the pens on the table. Please be sure to keep all completed inquiry cards after the fair! These cards need to be sent back to the Office of Admission along with the College Fair Evaluation form. Tip: take the caps of the pens when you put them out on the table. Students are less likely to walk off with your pen when they don't have caps!

3.  Viewbook: Quantity: 3-4 viewbooks per college fair. This is the 8.5" x11" green book. There are only 3-4 shipped for each college fair because these books are for REFERENCE ONLY! Please do not allow students to take the viewbook home with them. It is just to look at! It is best to place the viewbooks in the center of the table and open them up to an interesting page for all to view.

4. Scholarship Brochures: Quantity: 50 - 100 scholarship brochures per college fair. These scholarship brochures are limited and should only be given to students who appear to fit the scholarship criteria (listed on the brochure). Please hand out scholarship brochures sparingly! You may place these on the table, but in sparing numbers.

5. Frequently Used Websites/Phone # Cards: Quantity: 50-75 cards per college fair. These are the light green vertical cards with the frequently asked websites and phone numbers at UM. Do not place these on the table intially.If a student has a specific question about a school/college or would like more information about a specific student-services related department, please give the student the Frequent Website/Phone # Card. Again, please hand these out sparingly!

6. Apply-On-Line Flyer: Quantity: 150 flyers per college fair. These should be handed out as frequently as possible since this flyer drives students to the website to begin their application. Please place these towards the front of the table. Typically, these flyers should be given to high school seniors at the college fair since they will be applying this Fall.

7. Part I and Part II Applications: Quantity: 5 Part I's, 5 Part II's per college fair. These are the paper versions of the Part I and Part II of the Admission Application. We only ship 5 copies because we want students to apply online. If the student is interested in Music or Theatre Arts, you may give them a Part II of the application since supplemental documents are found in the Part II. However, all application materials (including supplemental application forms) are available online! Please visit www.miami.edu/apply to download PDF versions of all application materials.

*Note: Quantities of UM materials contained in your shipment may vary, depending upon the nature of the college fair. For example, National College Fairs (NACAC's) require larger amounts of materials than smaller High School College Nights.

Additional Forms: The following materials can be downloaded and will be helpful to you in preparation before and after a college fair.

1.College Fair FAQ Sheet- print this sheet out BEFORE you leave and bring it with you to the college fair as a "cheat" sheet when answering questions from prospective students and families.

2.College Fair Evaluation Form - this form should be filled out about 1 week AFTER you attend the college fair with your comments and overall feedback about your college fair experience. Also, please be sure to send your collected inquiry cards to the Miami Circle Coordinator approximately 1 week after the fair.

If you have any questions regarding college fairs please e-mail miamicircle@miami.edu